There are no dumb questions.

Why is it called North of 52?

When we first turn 50, we’re focused on the date, the party, the event. Woohoo! We’re running around exclaiming that 50 is the new 40 and reading articles about being fabulous after fifty. It takes us a good year to settle in for the ride, adjust to the idea, and shift gears to this fantastic journey called life. For me, it happened at 52.

What if I’m under 50? Am I out of the club?

No way, you’re in. North of 52 covers a variety of topics that may be appealing to readers of all ages. We have a target readership audience, not an exclusive club. You may not be able to relate to some posts, but others may be right up your alley. We do find, however, that the concept of rewirement tends to resonate with people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Isn’t rewirement just a fancy word for retirement?

Nope. Rewirement is a lifestyle, an attitude. Rewirement is a mindset focused on continued learning, growth and experiences. It’s a lifelong process, not an event. The root of the word retirement is retire, meaning: to withdraw, move back, retreat, ceasing to work or contribute. The root of the word rewirement is rewire, meaning: to add new wires and pathways (think: brain neurons), rebuild, learning new. Choose your path.

Do you take the photos?

Yes, most of them. Those photos are the property of North of 52 and are copyrighted. If you want to use one, you must get explicit written permission from North of 52. Please send an email to: info@northof52.com. We will typically grant permission in exchange for proper attribution. Occasionally, we may post a photo that was taken by a family member or friend. If requested, photo credit is given.

Are you getting paid for the products you write about?

North of 52 only writes about products we believe in, have sampled, or are currently using. If North of 52 receives any compensation (cash or otherwise), it will be clearly disclosed as such. In all cases, the reviews and thoughts are ours. All ours.

Do you accept advertisements?

Yes, but with a big fat caveat. North of 52 finds the ads on some websites and blogs to be annoying — those pesky pop-ups and ads that appear in the body of an article or post. Any ads on North of 52 will only be placed on the right sidebar, with a clearly marked heading. And, North of 52 will only accept advertisements that are consistent with the vibe of the blog.

I’d like to write for North of 52. Do you have guest writers?

North of 52 may periodically feature guest writers who have a track record of writing great content. Our focus is on rewirement and our style is upbeat and research-based, with a bit of a comic undertone. If you believe you have something unique to contribute, please send an email to info@northof52.com and we’ll send you our guest writer guidelines. All content must be original and unique.

Why was my comment removed on North of 52?

North of 52 is a positive place to share ideas and inspiration. Constructive criticism and debate are welcome, but if your comment is offensive or thoughtless, it will be removed. No room for trolls either. 

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