Rewirement. Living with Zest.

It’s a lifestyle, an attitude. Our lives are an incredible opportunity to learn, explore and love. How are you rewiring?


Challenging our minds, learning new skills and gaining new experiences

Body & Soul

Body & Soul

Keeping our bodies and spirits healthy, strong and vibrant


Growing and thriving in our relationships with family and friends

Choose Your Path



Comes from the root word retire

Meaning: to withdraw, move back, retreat, cease to work or contribute




Comes from the root word rewire

Meaning: to add new wires & pathways, rebuild, learning new

Who's rewiring?

People just like you. Exploring new things, challenging themselves.



Creating delicate pieces of art out of chunks of wood

Bob & Nancy

Pursuing outdoor adventures, staying fit, and learning as they go


Composing music, and writing genealogical and historical books


Sharing her love for cooking and gardening as an Instagram blogger and photographer


Leading StrongWomen strength training classes for women over 50


Practicing yoga to stay healthy and strong


Competing in crossword puzzle competitions and serving on a non-profit board

Dean & Karen

Thriving as new grandparents, while managing their farm and markets

Join the Movement

Ready to rewire? Be a part of a growing enthusiastic bunch of folks over 50.


Our blog focuses on topics related to rewirement and living with zest. Feature categories are Mind, Body & Soul, Relationships, and This & That. There’s something for everyone!

Body & Soul


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Body & Soul


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Who's Rewiring?

We love to profile people who are rewiring. Drop us an email and tell us how you’re rewiring. We may feature your photo and story on our website or newsletter!

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